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Staying on top of your pet's health through wellness exams and vaccinations is a great way to avoid expensive procedures and treatments in the future. At Rouge River Animal Hospital, preventive care is the foundation of our approach to veterinary treatment. Proudly serving Markham and the surrounding communities since 1997, our skilled team is passionate about promoting and maintaining your pet's health. We have the practical knowledge to identify and address potential health risks, and we look forward to helping you protect your pet.

Our aim is always to provide compassionate care that treats every animal that walks through our doors with the respect and gentle touch they deserve. We'll take our time with your pet and thoroughly check all aspects of their health, and you can rest easy knowing you have a team that genuinely cares about their well-being. Contact us today to schedule your pet's vet checkup!


How Do I Know If My Pet Needs a Vet Checkup?

It's important to remember that animals are good at hiding pain and illnesses. While keeping an eye on any changes in your pet's health is always a great idea, regular wellness appointments allow us to be proactive rather than reactive about your pet's health. If your pet is already showing symptoms of an illness or health complication, there's a good chance they are beyond the point where a simple wellness checkup will be effective. Seeking out our professional wellness and pet vaccine services is an excellent way to minimize the risk of unnoticed issues progressing into serious health concerns.

What Happens at a Wellness Exam?

At your pet's initial vet checkup, we will thoroughly investigate their medical history and perform a comprehensive physical exam. The exam also presents a great time to talk to our veterinarian about any issues or concerns you have about the behavior and health of your furry family member. After we gather the necessary information, we will create an individualized treatment plan for your pet.

Your pet's wellness exam will usually involve:

  • Taking your pet's weight
  • Observing your pet's gait and stance for any abnormalities
  • Listening to heart and lungs
  • Examining ears for issues like mites, polyps, or bacterial infection
  • Looking at paws and nails for damage or signs of health complications
  • Examining skin for issues like dryness or parasites
  • Checking eyes for issues like cataracts, excessive tearing, discharge, and eyelid problems
  • Examining your pet's teeth for damage and decay
  • Checking gums for periodontal disease
  • Palpating your pet's body for signs of swelling, pain, or issues with range of motion

Wellness exam appointments are also the perfect time for our veterinarian to inform you about pet insurance options, nutrition, and our pet vaccine scheduling services. We'll also discuss whether your pet might benefit from having blood drawn so we can get a better picture of their internal health. If you're a first-time pet owner, we'll also be able to offer numerous educational resources about proper nutrition, exercise, how to prepare your home, and tips for housebreaking or litter box training your new puppy or kitten.

Pet Care for Every Stage of Life

No matter how young or old, we're here for your pets. If you're coming in for the first time with a new puppy or kitten or a newly adopted full-grown animal, our team will provide you with the education you need. We'll be available to answer any questions and can give instructions on important aspects of pet care you might not have considered.

Care for older animals can introduce unfamiliar situations, even if you're a seasoned pet owner. New health conditions can arise, and their care can become complex. We will share our knowledge about how to keep older pets comfortable as they progress into their golden years. Our vet will discuss things like specialized diets, medications, and gentle physical activities for older animals, as well as any other questions or concerns you might have.

Our Markham Pet Vaccines & Parasite Treatments

No matter how vigilant you are about your pet's care, situations can arise that are outside of your control. That's why we emphasize the importance of vaccines and parasite treatment at our practice. We meticulously schedule vaccination treatments to make tracking annual requirements and periodic boosters easy. If you ever have questions about what is needed and when, don't hesitate to contact us.

Parasites can also pose considerable risks to your pet's health, so our practice does everything possible to monitor signs of parasitism while performing wellness exams. Thorough skin checks and other non-invasive methods are helpful means for discovering external parasites. However, if we discover any signs of internal parasitism, we may schedule more advanced diagnostics like bloodwork and fecal testing, depending on the situation. We will also discuss the importance of preventive medications like heartworm and flea treatments.

Markham Vet Checkups to Promote Pet Health

We're grateful to be your choice for pet preventive care in Markham and look forward to meeting you and your furry family members. Rouge River Animal Hospital aims to serve all of your pet's wellness and vaccination needs, regardless of their stage in life. Our compassionate team genuinely loves being able to help animals every day, and we are excited to help your pet live a happy and healthy life. Contact our practice today to schedule your pet's wellness appointment and get their health on track!


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